Subscribers, subscribers gained, views per day, forwards and other analytics at the Telegram Analytics website. The channel has received media attention for its reporting on human rights violations, political developments, LGBTQ+ rights and women's rights in Iran and has twice been nominated for International Channel of the Year by the Association for International Broadcasting. Iran International is available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland, Europe and North Africa, with bureaus in Istanbul, Paris and Washington D.C.[12], Iran International was established in 2017 and is available online, via radio and via every satellite broadcasting to Iran. ", "Iran's troubles are mounting at home and abroad", "Deadly gun attack at Iran military parade", "Iran points finger at Arab separatists for deadly attack", "Iran TV station did not break rules over interview praising attack – Ofcom", "Persian TV Channel Did Not Break Rules, British Media Regulator Says", "Saudi Arabia Sought Vice's Help to Build a Media Empire", "UK-based Iran International journalists' rights 'trampled' amid threats from Iranian state", "IFJ condemns the actions of Iran International to frustrate the recognition process of its affiliate, the NUJ", "Union-busting British Association of Journalist to be reported to the UN's International Labour Organisation", "Iran threatens to 'snatch' Farsi reporters from British soil", "Instagram accused of endangering Iran critics", "Mahmoud Enayat is the New GM of Iran International", "British embassy worker in Iran has sentence commuted", "The twopenny-halfpenny war by Reuters & 'Iranintl' on Iran", Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Tehran, 2016 attack on the Saudi diplomatic missions in Iran, International Maritime Security Construct, United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231, Arab states–Israeli alliance against Iran, Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition, Category:Iran–Saudi Arabia proxy conflict,, Television channels and stations established in 2017, Television channels in the United Kingdom, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Persian-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 7 April 2021, at 09:46. The channel has reported on the arrest and possible execution of Iranian-Swedish medical doctor Ahmad Reza Djalali,[30] reports that 85 children face execution in the country,[31] and the arrest of award-winning film director Mohammed Rouslouf[32], Iran International was launched in May 2017, with the aim of serving the 80million people that live in Iran and the Iranian diaspora around the world, in addition to informing and educating a global audience on the latest news and developments in Iran and across the Middle East.[33]. Almost half have been sexually assaulted in public", "Report details LGBTQ Iranians' violent experiences", "Health Officials Urge Cities Lockdown As Iran Covid Deaths Rise", "What Is Iran's Nuclear Issue And The JCPOA - FAQs", "Will Biden And His Foreign-Policy Chief Revive The Iran Nuclear Deal? پخش زنده شبکه ایران اینترنشنال از اینترنت با کیفیت اچ دی ( iran international TV HD ) Zain Saudi is the third-largest telecoms provider in Saudi Arabia. ایران اینترنشنال تازه ترین خبرهای سیاسی، اقتصادی، اجتماعی، ورزشی، فرهنگی و هنری از ایران و جهان را در تلویزیون و وبسایت خود پوشش می‌دهد. [54] Same publication wrote in May 2020 that Iran International is thought to be target of a state-sponsored programme that "has sought to discredit its reporting and trace its followers" by creating replicas of its social media accounts. [44], In 2020, the TV broadcast performance of Iranian singers who were flown in from the United States to the Winter at Tantora Festival. عصرایران نوشت: احمد صمدی؛ خبرنگار صداوسیما به شبکه ایران اینترنشنال پیوسته است. Public Guest Registered. The channel has been the first to report on several exclusive news stories and has access to a network of whistleblowers and sources inside Iran. پخش زنده ایران اینترنشنال Iran International Live. [50], Michelle Stanistreet, general secretary of National Union of Journalists (NUJ) told Press Gazette "[o]ur members at Iran International have faced intimidation and harassment for their work as journalists —that their rights of freedom of association should be trampled on in this way is a grave injustice and one that the NUJ will do all it can to rectify". 74.8k Likes, 2,471 Comments - ایران اینترنشنال (@iranintltv) on Instagram: “منوچهر بختیاری، پدر #پویا_بختیاری، در پیامی ویدیویی با حمایت از دادخواهی و اعتراض مردم #سراوان به…” [21], During the Covid-19 pandemic in Iran, the channel published exclusive documents pertaining to high level government corruption concerning Covid-19 medical supplies, with The Independent writing that the documents "purported to show how Iran regime figures intervened in the procurement of medical supplies to steer South Korean contracts for Covid-19 test-kits through shell companies towards conservative foundations controlled by cronies". پخش زنده تلویزیون ۲۴ ساعته ایران اینترنشنال را از اینجا تماشا کنید Add video to top of list. [12], Iran International relies on a team of journalists around the world and reports on current affairs, health, technology, human rights violations, LGBTQ+ rights, women's rights and more. [41], Association for International Broadcasting, Association for International Broadcasters, "Saudi-backed broadcaster launches video challenge to Netflix", "How this lesbian TV reporter uses journalism to fight for the LGBT+ community in Iran", "From poisonings to beheadings, 'honor killings' in Iran gets a fresh spotlight with social media", "CNA named Channel of the Year by Association for International Broadcasting", "Association for International Broadcasting", "Amir Tataloo: Iranian rapper detained by Turkish authorities", "Zaghari-Ratcliffe endures further wait for Iranian decision on release", "Iran's negligence may lead to an even greater global viral outbreak", "Coronavirus: Chance to contain outbreak is 'narrowing' says WHO", "Evacuated Americans flown home against medical advice and hundreds infected in China prisons", "Iran steps up coronavirus response as high ranking government officials test positive", "Six in 10 queer Iranians have been assaulted by homophobic family members. ", "Iran International TV nominated for the "International Network of the Year" award 2019", "UK coronavirus: face coverings and masks to be mandatory in English hospitals – as it happened", "Richard Ratcliffe: Nazanin is a diplomatic hostage of Islamic Republic", "How governments and criminals use coronavirus to make big bucks", "Navid Afkari's Corpse Buried Amid Severe Security Measures", "Supreme Court confirms the death sentence of Navid Afkari", "Zarif Falsely Claims Navid Afkari's Execution Was Unrelated to Protests", "Thailand: Prisoners Exchanged With Kylie Moore Gilbert Convicted Terrorists", "Four Adolescents In Iran Sentenced To Amputation Of Fingers For Theft - Report", "Iran's police confirmed the fourth case of honor killing in less than a month", "Iranian Swedish Prisoner Transferred To Solitary Before Possible Execution", "Javaid Rehman: 85 Children Awaiting Execution in Iran", "Top Festivals Protest Jail Sentence for Berlinale Winner Mohammad Rasoulof", "VOLANT MEDIA UK LTD - Overview (free company information from Companies House)", "Ofcom Home - Licensing Home - TV Cable and Satellite", "Iranian exiles use creativity and tech smarts to get real news past the regime's censors", "Concern over UK-based Iranian TV channel's links to Saudi Arabia", "New chairman for telecom provider Zain Saudi", "Backlash in Iran after singers perform at Saudi Arabia festival", "Is Iran's national broadcaster being pushed to brink of irrelevance? از ساعت ۰۶:۰۰ تا ۱۸:۰۰ (به وقت تهران ) بر روی موج ۱۱۵۵۰ کیلوهرتز. Iran International reported exclusively on the extension of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe's furlough,[19] and her partner Richard Ratcliffe has been a guest on the channel multiple times. [40] It also airs extensive coverage of People's Mujahedin of Iran (MEK), including live broadcast of their rallies. [52] Iran International had signed a recognition deal with the British Association of Journalists (BAJ), which IFJ describes as a "sweetheart deal" with an "obscure journalists' union", and appointed a senior manager to represent staff while pressuring them to join BAJ. [49], Though the TV station states that it "adheres to strict international standards of impartiality, balance and accountability",[50] questions has been raised regarding its editorial independence. New. The channel has received media attention for its reporting on human rights violations, political developments, LGBTQ+ rights and women's rights in Iran[2][3] and has twice been nominated for International Channel of the Year by the Association for International Broadcasting.[4][5]. [58], In July 2019, Iranian media reported Mazdak Mirzaei, a football commentator and TV host joined Iran International. [35] It was launched on 18 May 2017[36] and is managed by DMA Media Ltd, which has bureaus in Paris, Istanbul, Kabul and Washington. [39], According to Middle East Eye, Iran International is a media platform for the Iranian opposition. Iran International (Persian: ایران اینترنشنال‎) is a British-based and Saudi-owned Persian television station headquartered in London. «امروز» برنامه‌ای تلویزیونی از ایران اینترنشنال است که با نگاهی نو و در قالبی تازه به اخبار ایران و رخدادهای جهان می‌پردازد. [15][16][17], The channel also airs television shows on sport, culture and politics and has produced documentaries that have been nominated for awards by the Association for International Broadcasters.[18]. [34] Aldeghither owned over 75% of the shares of Volant Media from May 2016 to May 2018. Since its inception, Iran International has reported on global events, with a network of international correspondents. Mirzaei had worked for IRIB on the weekly TV sports program Navad, that was suspended by the new head of IRIB 3 in March 2019. [34] Fahad Ibrahim Aldeghither was the chairman of Mobile Telecommunication Company Saudi Arabia (Zain) from March 2013 to February 2016. [40] Kourosh Ziabari of Al-Monitor wrote it "does not shy away from presenting itself as an opposition media organization" and frequently gives the microphone to guests who criticize the Iranian government. It is aimed at Iranian viewers and broadcasts free-to-air by satellite. [57] Ali-Asghar Ramezanpour is the news director of the station. [38], Corporate documents for Volant Media shows that another Saudi national, Fahad Ibrahim Aldeghither, was the major shareholder of Volant Media before Adel Abdukarim. پخش برنامه‌های رادیویی و بخش خبری تلویزیون ایران اینترنشنال را می‌توانید. The channel is headquartered in London and broadcasts internationally, with a team of journalists that have joined Iran International from other Persian-language news channels including Manoto, Radio Farda, BBC Persian Service and Voice of America. Name A-Z Name Z-A Access Oldest First Most Recent First. و از ساعت ۱۸:۰۰ تا ۰۶:۰۰ (به وقت تهران ) … شبکه ۱۳ اسرائیل گزارش داد یوسی کوهن، رییس موساد، قصد دارد در روزهای آینده به ایالات متحده سفر کند تا مدارکی را به مقامات آمریکای ارائه کند که نشان می... بوریس جانسون، نخست‌وزیر بریتانیا، از ادامه اعتراضات خشونت‌بار در بلفاست، پایتخت ایرلند شمالی، «به شدت» ابراز نگرانی کرد. WSJ quoted a former correspondent at the TV station commenting that "a systematic and very persistent push" was made during her time there. [2][13], In June 2020, Iran International reported on a series of honour killings and gender-based violence that took place in Iran,[29] with legal analyst and journalist at Iran International Nargess Tavalossian, the daughter of Nobel Prize winning activist Shirin Ebadi, speaking publicly to global media outlets about the increase in violence against women in the country. [41] The channel has been referred to as an "Iranian exile news outlet" by Borzou Daragahi of The Independent. روز شنبه در یکی از مهمترین دیدارهای هفته، پرسپولیس تهران در... رسانه نزدیک به شورای‌عالی امنیت ملی: احتمالا کشوری غیر از اسرائیل در حمله به کشتی ساویز دست داشت, رییس موساد در روزهای آینده با هدف ارائه مدارکی از تخلفات هسته‌ای ایران به آمریکا سفر می‌کند, نخست‌وزیر بریتانیا از اعتراضات خشونت بار در ایرلند شمالی علیه محدودیت‌های تجاری ابرازنگرانی کرد, در نسخه آینده آی‌او‌اس اپل شرکت‌های تبلیغاتی باید برای ردیابی کاربران از آنها اجازه بگیرند, افشای جزئیات بیشتر از پرونده آزار جنسی فرماندار نیویورک, سفیر میانمار اعلام کرد اجازه ورود به ساختمان سفارت در لندن را ندارد, بنیامین نتانیاهو: بازگشت به برجام ما را به عقب بازمی‌گرداند, آسوشیتدپرس: نخست‌وزیر عراق به مقامات ایران هشدار داد با شبه‌نظامیان شیعه مقابله می‌کند, ند‌ پرایس: آمریکا آماده است تحریم‌های غیر منطبق با برجام را لغو کند, شماری از بستگان و خانواده‌‌های کشته‌شدگان اعتراضات آبان در اصفهان بازداشت شدند, گزارش سال ۲۰۲۰ عفو بین‌الملل از استفاده فزاینده جمهوری اسلامی از اعدام برای سرکوب معترضان, نامه بیش از ۳۰۰ متخصص ایرانی-‌آمریکایی به بایدن: بر حقوق‌بشر در ایران تمرکز کنید, واکنش کاربران به توهین دیپلمات جمهوری اسلامی؛ «برو گمشو» پاسخ همیشگی حکومت به مخالفان, تلاش تبلیغاتی چین برای خوشحال نشان دادن اویغور‌ها؛ موزیکالی که در آن خبری از نسل‌کشی نیست, تهران جزییات کافی درباره کیفرخواست ۱۰ نفر در پرونده هواپیمای اوکراینی ارائه نداده, موج چهارم کرونا؛ وزارت بهداشت اطلاعیه‌اش درباره لزوم تعطیلی دو هفته‌ای را تکذیب کرد, یک سوم بهبود‌یافتگان از کرونای شدید، درگیر بیماری‌های اعصاب و روان می‌شوند, یک مقام ایالات متحده: اسرائیل به آمریکا خبر داد که کشتی ایرانی ساویز را هدف قرار داده است, در همه کلانشهرها و مراکز استان‌های ایران وضعیت قرمز کرونا اعلام شد, کرونا در آمریکا؛ جا ماندن زندانیان از قافله واکسیناسیون, رییس‌جمهور اوکراین خواستار سرعت بخشیدن به عضویت این کشور در ناتو شد, افزایش نرخ رسمی میوه و تره‌بار‌؛ مشتریان ۳۵ درصد گران‌تر می‌خرند, نشست وین؛ توهین یکی از اعضای هیات ایرانی مذاکره کننده به معترضان جمهوری اسلامی, آمریکا: مذاکرات درباره توافق هسته‌ای ایران، گامی رو به جلو اما سخت و طولانی است, جو بایدن: همه آمریکایی‌های بالای ۱۸ سال تا دوهفته دیگر واجد شرایط دریافت واکسن کرونا خواهند بود, رابرت مالی:‌ اصرار ایران بر رفع کامل تحریم‌ها نشانه عدم جدیتش است, زالی: بی‌توجهی به توصیه کارشناسان، موجب تکرار تجربه خوزستان در تهران شد, دیپلمات‌های اروپایی: انتظار نتیجه مثبت بزرگی از نشست سه‌شنبه وین نداریم, رییس کمیسیون کشاورزی: دلار ۴۲۰۰ تومانی و فساد موجب آشفتگی بازار مرغ شد, به دنبال دشمن فرضی و توهم توطئه در ای‌اف‌سی, افزایش استفاده از شبکه‌های اجتماعی می‌تواند باعث کاهش اعتماد به نفس در نوجوانان شود, بازداشت چهار پناهجوی ایرانی در ترکیه، به‌دلیل شرکت در تجمع اعتراضی به خروج ترکیه از کنوانسیون منع خشونت علیه زنان, امروز: سال سیاه حقوق بشر جمهوری اسلامی در گزارش سالانه عفو بین الملل, چشم‌اندار: خیز چهارم کرونا و سهم ایران از هفت‌صد میلیون دوز واکسن تزریق شده, تیتراول؛ کشتی سپاه زیر آتش! پخش زنده شبکه Iran International در ایران فیلم پلاس TV. Iran International's news and analysis has been cited in global media publications including BBC News,[6] The Guardian,[7] The Sydney Morning Herald,[8] The Telegraph,[9] Fox News,[3] The Independent[10] and more. [45] The channel aired an interview with Yaqoub Hor Altostari, presented as a spokesman for the group, indirectly claiming responsibility for the attack and calling it "resistance against legitimate targets". این برنامه هر روز در ساعت ۲۲ به وقت تهران پخش می‌شود. شبکه فارسی زبان ایران اینترنشنال در لندن مستقر است. Iran International (Persian: ایران اینترنشنال‎) is a British-based Persian television station headquartered in London. [23], Iran International has reported on notable human rights violations across Iran, including the execution of Navid Afkari,[24][23][25] the killing of 14-year-old Romina Ashrafi,[26] the arrest and imprisonment of British-Australian academic Kylie Moore-Gilbert[27] and the amputation of four men in Iran for theft. [47][48], According to the regulator, Iran International’s presenter “clearly challenged his views and emphasised the violent nature of the attack” during the interview. آیا جنگ رودروی اسراءیل و جمهوری اسلامی از خلیج فارس آغاز خواهد شد؟, کاهش صد تومانی قیمت دلار در روز افت قیمت هشتاد درصد نمادهای معاملاتی در بورس, برای بار دوم رکورد ابتلا بە کرونا در عراق شکستە شد, رزمایش مشترک نیروی دریایی ارتش ایران و پاکستان در آب‌ھای خلیج فارس, ۸۶۰ اعتراف اجباری و افترا طی ۱۰ سال؛ نتایج یک تحقیق درباره سرکوب نظام‌مند مخالفان در صداوسیما, از اوج‌گیری دوباره کرونا تا داروی نجات‌بخش, تاثیر سیاست‌های توسعه‌ای جمهوری اسلامی بر تخریب سرزمین در ایران, انقلاب اندی وارهول در هنر پاپ، از مفاهیم روزمره تا پرتره فرح پهلوی. برنامه‌های رادیو ایران اینترنشنال را بر روی امواج کوتاه (SW) در سراسر ایران بشنوید. [22], Reporting on the execution of Navid Afkari, Iran International exclusively interviewed Amnesty International’s Iran Researcher and human rights lawyer Raha Bahreini, who told the channel that “with the secret and previously unannounced execution of Navid Afkari, the Islamic Republic authorities once again showed the ruthless and merciless of Iran’s judiciary system at the international level,”. [46] After a long investigation Ofcom ruled that Iran International did not breach any rules. احمد صمدی قبل از این خبرنگار صداوسیما در برلین آلمان بود. View Telegram channel's statistics "ایران اینترنشنال | Iran International" - @IranintellTV. [43], According to The Wall Street Journal, "[s]ome journalists at Iran International have complained that management is pushing a pro-Saudi, anti-Iran line". This has included reporting on notable events including the 2020 United States Presidential election, the 2020 Beirut explosion, Pride in London, the assassination of Jamal Kashoggi and the assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh in December 2020. [37], Volant Media, the company that owns Iran International, has a director named Adel Abdulkarim, who is a Saudi national. جانسون در توییتی در واکنش به... اپل اعلام کرد در نسخه آی‌او‌اس ۱۴/۵ این شرکت، که چند هفته دیگر ارائه خواهد شد، شرکت‌های تبلیغاتی دیجیتالی موظف خواهند بود برای ردیابی کاربران از آنها... یکی از زنان شاکی در پرونده اتهام آزار جنسی به اندرو کومو، روز چهارشنبه، در یک مصاحبه، جزئیات بیشتری از ادعای خود مبنی بر مورد تعرض قرار گرفتن از سوی... کیاو زوارمین، سفیرمیانمار در لندن، در مقابل این سفارت به خبرنگاران ومعترضان ضد کودتا گفت اجازه ندارد به ساختمان سفارت وارد شود. [38] According to the report by The Guardian, Abdulrahman al-Rashed was also involved in the operations and funding behind Iran International. [43][50], In October 2018, The Guardian wrote an unnamed insider states that the editorial content had been influenced by its investors. 75.7k Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ‘ایران_اینترنشنال’ hashtag Instagram was criticized for hosting the fake accounts. [51], On 15 July 2020, it was reported that Labour peer Lord John Hendy submitted a complaint to International Labour Organization (ILO) against the BAJ and Iran International. [55], The head of TV is Mahmood Enayat,[56] the editor-in-chief of the channel is Hossein Rassam,[36] who was formerly chief political analyst at the British embassy in Tehran. [51] As of July 2020, BAJ claimed 20 members working at Iran International while NUJ said an "overwhelming majority" of the 140 workers are its members. [52] NUJ stated that BAJ had no members there before the deal was made. [29][3], In addition to the execution of Navid Afkari, the channel has reported extensively on the arrest of political prisoners in Iran. [42], The channel is known for raising the profile of Reza Pahlavi, the last heir apparent to the former Iranian throne, by constant coverage and repeatedly interviewing him. [12][13][14][8] The channel has reported extensively on the Covid-19 pandemic in Iran, the Iran Nuclear Deal and global politics. It is aimed at Iranian viewers[1] and broadcasts free-to-air by satellite. Staff at Iran International have also appeared as experts on BBC Radio 4, Sky News, ABC Australia[11] and ITN. تلویزیون آنلاین و پخش زنده ماهواره, تماشای فوتبال زنده, Manoto, GEM, Cinefilm, PMC, Tapesh و بیشتر. پخش زنده شبکه ایران اینترنشنال Iran International رایگان در تلویزیون آنلاین و اینترنتی ایران فیلم پلاس TV به همراه صدها کانال ماهواره ای و تلویزیونی ایرانی و خارجی دیگر. [51], On 10 July 2020, International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) released a statement and condemned union busting efforts made by Iran International, its refusal to engage with the UK government's non-departmental public body Acas to recognize a NUJ chapel, as well as what it called a "breach of international labour standards". The channel also included a number of different viewpoints and repeatedly quoted news agencies describing the terrorist nature of the incident. ایران اینترنشنال تازه ترین خبرهای سیاسی، اقتصادی، اجتماعی، ورزشی، فرهنگی و هنری از ایران و جهان را در تلویزیون و وبسایت خود پوشش می‌دهد. Iran's Ministry of Intelligence had previously named the employees of Iran International as "enemy of the state", writing on its website that those who "serve foreigners" and "betray the country" will be punished. [43], In 2018 Iran's ambassador to the UK lodged a complaint to the media regulator because of Iran International's interview with a separatist group spokesman after they claimed responsibility for a terrorist attack on a military parade in Ahvaz in Khuzestan Province, killing 25 civilians and military. [40], Iran International does not run television advertisements. Iran International is owned by Volant Media UK Ltd.[34] It is licensed in the United Kingdom to Global Media Circulating Ltd as an editorial news service based in London. به گزارش رویترز به... بنیامین نتانیاهو در سخنرانی خود در مراسم سالانه گرامیداشت قربانیان هولوکاست در مورد بازگشت آمریکا به توافق برجام گفت بازگشت به برجام ما را به عقب... آسوشیتدپرس به نقل از دو مقام آگاه عراقی گزارش داد پس از آنکه هفته گذشته در خیابان‌های بغداد یک کاروان مسلح شبه‌نظامیان تحت حمایت ایران در اعتراض به... ند پرایس، سخنگوی وزارت خارجه آمریکا، در نشست خبری روز چهارشنبه خود گفت ایالات متحده آماده است تحریم‌های جمهوری اسلامی را که با توافق هسته‌ای منطبق... نیروهای امنیتی روز چهارشنبه در اصفهان اتوبوس حامل شماری از خانواده‌های کشته‌شدگان اعتراضات آبان۹۸ و اعتراضات سال۸۸ را متوقف و محاصره کرده و اقدام به... دولت چین اخیرا یک فیلم موزیکال تولید و منتشر کرده که درآن مسلمان‌های اویغور در حال رقص و آواز خوانی هستند؛ اقدامی تبلیغاتی از سوی چین که با هدف... هفته نوزدهم لیگ برتر روز پنجشنبه با تساوی بدون گل آلومینیوم اراک و فولاد خوزستان آغاز شد. [28], Lesbian activist and journalist at Iran International, Aram Bolandpaz has produced several documentaries on the LGBTQ+ community inside Iran and has been a vocal critic of human rights violations against the community. 3.3m Followers, 63 Following, 32.2k Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ایران اینترنشنال (@iranintltv) TV Channel Pages Media TV & Movies TV Network Iran International ايران اينترنشنال Videos #پخش_زنده ایران اینترنشنال [20] The channel was also the first to report that Iranian rapper Amir Tataloo was facing deportation back to Iran from Turkey,[20] and the sentencing of The Salesman star Taraneh Alidoosti. Adel Abdulkarim is a long time business partner with Abdulrahman al-Rashed, former general manager of the Saudi-owned news channel Al Arabiya and current board member of Saudi Research and Marketing Group (SRMG). [53], In December 2019, Shanti Das of The Times reported that Iran is waging an "intimidation campaign" against personnel of the TV station, freezing their assets, interrogating their relatives and "threatening to snatch them from British streets if they do not quit their jobs". [43] The claim of responsibility for the Ahvaz military parade attack was made through Iran International.

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