Het bedrijf had in het eerste oorlogsjaar een flinke financiële klap gekregen en in april 1941 was de schuld opgelopen tot … It is also thought that they supplied transportable ovens to at least one of the Nazi euthanasia institutions, in which a total of over 70,000 physically and mentally disabled people were murdered in 1940 and 1941. Johannes Topf died in 1891, and in 1904 Julius Topf stepped down to become a sleeping partner due to ill health, leaving Ludwig managing it on his own. Malgré de nombreux efforts pour étouffer toute l'affaire, les complicités passives et actives ont laissé des traces. Prüfer later designed ovens with muffles large enough for multiple bodies to be burned simultaneously. Sans sollicitation, de leur propre initiative, les ingénieurs de la société imaginèrent des installations encore plus efficaces pour l'extermination d'un nombre de gens toujours croissant. They used stop-watches to time the process and took notes. Observations, innovations and patent applications, Stiftung Gedenkstätten Buchenwald und Mittelbau-Dora (2005), Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team (2007), Erinnerungsort Topf & Söhne, 12 July 2017. He then joined Ludwig in Leipzig, studying at the Handelshochschule, now the Leipzig Graduate School of Management, graduating in 1929. Topf & Söhne Die Erfurter Firma J. On les retrouve, partiellement cachées, dans les documents de l'exposition. II. A. Topf und Söhne war ein Industriebetrieb in Erfurt. Later, the company diversified into silos, chimneys, incinerators for burning municipal waste, and crematoria. Prüfer died in October 1952 of a stroke while in prison. There was further bad publicity when the book Macht ohne Moral ('Power without Morals') was published in 1957. There were also small numbers of Poles, Dutch, Croatians and Czechs. The Zwangsarbeiter had to work 56 hours per week in comparison with the 42 hours worked by German employees, although they were paid 25–30% less. Der Deutscher Fußballbund zeichnet Bildungsprojekt vom Erinnerungsort Topf & Söhne und Spirit of Football e.V. [22] The book contains photographs of piles of bodies and crematoria at various concentration camps. In addition, deductions were made for food and accommodation, and other costs. The company's history was not fully researched until after German reunification in 1990. These were Kurt Prüfer, Fritz Sander (1876–1946), Karl Schultze (1900-died after 1955) and Gustav Braun (1889–1958). En 1914, l'entreprise se lança sur un nouveau marché et se mit à construire des installations d'incinération pour les crématoires municipaux. ); Ludwig (1903–1945), and Ernst Wolfgang (1904–1979). [1], Auschwitz and Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camps were liberated by the Red Army on the 26 and 27 January 1945. The site of Buchenwald concentration camp can still be seen in the distance from the window where engineer Kurt Prüfer's desk stood. As with all Topf & Söhne stationary ovens, the parts were made in the factory in Erfurt, and the firm's staff went on site to build them, often spending months at the camps. [1], In 1951 Topf founded a new company, in Wiesbaden, to make crematoria and refuse incinerators. Und sie ist ein Teil von uns. [20], At Buchenwald, liberated on 11 April, the crematoria ovens remained intact. [26], The factory workshops no longer remain, but a museum and education centre opened in the former administration building on 27 January 2011, Holocaust Memorial Day. After the truth about the concentration camps was exposed, Topf & Söhne's involvement was quite widely known. La firme Topf commence sa collaboration avec les SS en concevant et vendant des fours crématoires pour Buchenwald. [29] The Topf brothers and the design engineers worked from this building. Hallo und Herzlich Willkommen hier. The film and still photographs of the camp were shown around the world. He returned Erfurt to do two six-month internships, one in a bank and another in a malting company. Topf's wife Erika, aged 52, died in April 1963. Tefal Simpleo B815S4 Topf- und Pfannenset 4 tlg. [16], From 1941 until the end of the war at least 620 people were engaged as forced labour (German:Zwangsarbeiter). One staff member, Martin Holich, spent almost 12 months in 1942–43 installing and repairing equipment at Auschwitz-Birkenau. Grâce à des contrats lucratifs pour un programme de construction d'entrepôts pour l'armée, ils purent consolider leur entreprise qui avait connu des revers à la suite de la crise économique mondiale. [1], Later, in December 1946, because of his membership of the Nazi party, the Fritzlar-Homberg Spruchkammer, a German civilian denazification court, started investigating Ernst Topf. [14][21], The US Army's Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC) started to investigate Topf & Söhne within a few days of the Buchenwald liberation, and took company documents. Wähle aus Millionen von Zimmern in Hotels, Resorts, Apartments und Hostels weltweit aus. This bland valediction (complimentary close) was often used at the end of letters Topf & Söhne sent to the SS, in which details of orders for concentration camp ovens were discussed.[30]. He founded the firm against the advice of his sons, although the younger two sons, Julius and Ludwig, joined him. Heute beginnt das 8-Jahre-besetzt-Festival im Besetzten Haus auf dem ehemaligen Topf & Söhne Gelände in Erfurt. Il mourut le 24 octobre 1952 d'une hémorragie cérébrale dans la baraque-hôpital n° 23 d'un camp spécial du ministère de l'Intérieur. (mz) Erinnerungsort Topf & Söhne, Sorbenweg 7, Erfurt, Di-So 10-18 Uhr Das Haus im Internet: www.topfundsoehne.de Un brevet portant sur un four fonctionnant en continu est même déposé. Unterstützt wird die Aktion von der Grünen Jugend, der DGB-Jugend, den Jusos, dem Jugendbüro RedRoXX, der Offenen Arbeit und anderen, wie eine Sprecherin mitteilte. [9] An additional five triple-muffle ovens were installed at Auschwitz II by mid-March 1943. Der DFB zeichnet seit 2005 Vereine, Institutionen und Einzelpersonen aus, die sich für Demokratie und Menschenwürde sowie gegen Antisemitismus, Rassismus und jede Form der Diskriminierung einsetzen. The ambitious engineer Kurt Prüfer joined at the same time. Les vestiges des crématoires acquirent rapidement la signification symbolique de monuments funéraires et de lieux de mémoire. Les avantages obtenus en échange étaient modestes, et ne peuvent expliquer que (très) partiellement un tel engagement. The company's crematoria department was closed in 1955 and in 1957 it stopped production of all forms of combustion machinery and was renamed VEB Erfurter Mälzerei- und Speicherbau (VEB EMS), (Erfurt Oasthouse and Granary Construction). [5], After falling into decay for many years, the former Topf & Söhne site was given historic monument protection status by the state of Thuringia in 2003. He never made any apology for Topf & Söhne's involvement with the Nazi regime. wurzelnackt im Topf. Topf and Sons (German: J.A. "[25], Hartmut Topf (born 1934), a grandson of Julius Topf, publicly criticised the attempt to claim back the property, saying that they should not profit from Holocaust crimes. [1], Initially, Buchenwald camp, which opened in July 1937, sent bodies to the local Weimar city crematorium. Assmann, Aleida; Hidderman, Frank (eds)(2002) Firma Topf & Söhne – Hersteller der Öfen für Auschwitz: Ein Fabrikgelände als Erinnerungsort? [5] He left a suicide note claiming that he and his brother were innocent and that he was the 'opposite' of a Nazi, but he thought he would be used as a scapegoat anyway. Suche und vergleiche Hotels nahe J. Topf died in 1979. It was handed over on 3 July 1945. Topf und Söhne con Skyscanner Hotel. [13][14], In early 1943, the Topf & Söhne fitter Heinrich Messing installed exhaust fans in the Auschwitz II crematoria and also in the gas chambers. A. Topf & Söhne die Verbrennungsöfen und die Lüftungstechnik für die Gaskammern. In World War II it also made weapons shells and aircraft parts for the Luftwaffe. Topf und Söhne 2 juni 2009 . Abuse is known to have occurred; the camp manager, Wilhelm Buchröder, a Nazi, was dismissed in 1944 by Ernst Topf for beating Zwangsarbeiter, although it is reported that his successor also mistreated them. In all, Topf built 25 crematoria ovens which had a total of 76 incineration chambers (called 'muffles') for concentration camps. Topf & Söhne was producing heating, brewing and malting systems and working collaboratively with other firms to sell products all over Germany and beyond. The company went bankrupt in May 1963. Elle fut l'un des deux principaux fournisseurs des fours crématoires utilisés par l'Allemagne nazie[1]. [5], The motto "Stets gern für Sie beschäftigt, ..." ("Always happy to be at your service, ...") is painted in large letters on the outside of the restored building. A. Topf und Söhne med Skyscanner hotell. Topf and Sons (German: J.A. The investigation was suspended in 1951. La SS fut désignée comme seule coupable. Oltre a una vasta selezione di hotel, resort, appartamenti e ostelli in tutto il mondo. (20 cm, 16 cm, 28 cm), Edelstahl/schwarz. [24] Some descendants of the Topf family made a claim for the former family villa and factory in Erfurt which had been made state property. [12][14], On 13 March 1943 the engineer Karl Schultze and Heinrich Messing witnessed a test sample of 1,492 Jews from Kraków Ghetto being killed in the gas chambers at Auschwitz II and then cremated. A. Topf und Söhne mit Skyscanner-Hotels. Topf moved the company to Mainz in 1954. It had already been agreed in the Yalta Conference, held in February 1945, that the area would come under Soviet control after the Germans had been defeated. They ran social and cultural projects, and organised events and guided tours which drew attention to the history of Topf & Söhne during the Nazi period, which had been largely forgotten. With the second generation of the Topf brothers all dead, Else Topf (1882–1940), Ludwig's widow, became the owner. Topf & Söhne) was an engineering company, founded in 1878 in Erfurt, Germany by Johannes Andreas Topf (1816–1891). La Villa Cotta ® als wurzelnackte Rose kaufen. Crematorium IV was out of use from May 1943, after only two months of service, because it developed cracks. Welche Kriterien es bei dem Kaufen Ihres Kaffee campingkocher zu bewerten gibt. A. Topf & Söhne company, Auschwitz-Birkenau Crematoria: Civilian Ovens Comparison (2016), Topf & Sons as Partners of the SS. [3][7], Ludwig Topf was wealthy and successful, but committed suicide in February 1914, aged 51, due to the stress of running the business. By 1885 J.A. La Villa Cotta - Ein Gartentraum Die Rose hat sich traumhaft entwickelt und blühte bis in den November. Topf committed suicide on 31 May 1945, by cyanide poisoning. In 1952 it was renamed "NAGEMA VEB Maschinenfabrik "Nikos Belojannis", after a Greek communist who had been an inmate in a German concentration camp in Greece. However, the family made a further claim for financial compensation. C'est dans les années 1930 que Ludwig et Ernst Wolfgang Topf commencèrent à travailler dans l'entreprise créée par leur grand-père. Heating, brewing & incineration equipment, silos, chimneys. Die "Besetzer_innen" wollen mit der Aktion auf den Abriss der Industriebrache Topf und Söhne sowie der drohenden Räumung des Besetzten Hauses auf einem Teil des ehemaligen Firmengeländes aufmerksam machen. Elsa Topf was also estranged from her daughter, whose marriage she disapproved of. Il ne fut jamais inquiété par la justice[3]. [4], He had four sons: Gustav (1853–1893); Albert (1857–1896); Max Julius Ernst, known as Julius (1859–1914) and Wilhelm Louis, known as Ludwig, (1863–1914). From April 1938 to March 1939, 90% of all cremations at Weimar came from Buchenwald. [18][19], In April 1945, Erfurt and Buchenwald were liberated by the US Army. [4], Kurt Prüfer (1891–1952), a senior engineer and the main designer of the ovens, was initially arrested by the American CIC on 30 May 1945 and interrogated. Ils donnent au souvenir une forme visible et tangible. - Beluister of download de In Europa Salon - 1942 met Johannes Houwink ten Cate - Beluister of download Geert Maks In Europa Podcast - Lees alle weblogberichten over 1942 - Vind meer video, audio en artikelen op de In Europa Atlas: 1942 1942 Erratum: Before crematoria II, III and IV at Auschwitz II were officially put into operation, on 5 March 1943, in the presence of high-ranking SS officers from Berlin, camp authorities and Topf & Söhne staff, a test of crematorium II was held to measure the speed at which bodies could be disposed of. The Patent Application, Concentration camps shown as film evidence during the Nuremberg Trials, German Minister Says Heirs of Crematorium Maker Won’t Be Compensated, Regional events in Germany keep memories of the Holocaust alive, Hochschulfernsehen "UNIcut" feiert Jubiläum, Topf & Sons Remembrance Site official website, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Topf_and_Sons&oldid=992006672, Articles with German-language sources (de), Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. A book about the occupation was published in 2012, titled Topf & Söhne – Besetzung auf einem Täterort (Topf & Söhne – Occupation of a crime scene). Erarbeitung der Grundlagen und Dokumentation der Geschichte der Firma J.A. The museum documents the history of Topf & Söhne and its collaboration with the Nazi regime using material from the company's archives, oral history and items found at the Buchenwald concentration camp site. W. Kordes' Söhne, 2013 eingeführt Die Blüten von 'La Villa Cotta' sind sehr farbstabil und erscheinen in großen Dolden, was die Wirkung der intensiven Farbe noch mehr betont. The idea was that the bodies would be loaded by a type of conveyor belt and the heat of the bodies already in the oven would ignite them, thus, after an initial heating period, it would remain in continuous operation without the need for any further fuel – the heat of burning corpses would keep the apparatus running. The majority of the French, Soviets and Italians were prisoners of war. Das Familienunternehmen Topf & Söhne a) Die Geschichte des Unternehmens. Les employés en question se servirent de leurs observations pour optimiser les installations d'extermination. [30] Topf und Söhne ging in 1940 een samenwerkingsverband aan met het Reichssicherheitshauptamt (RSHA), dat het beheer over de concentratiekampen had. To deal with the increased demand for body disposal, Topf & Söhne installed a further two 8-muffle ovens in September 1942. 1878 wurde von Johann Andreas Topf, der Vater von Ludwig und Ernst-Wolfgang Topf, der beiden namentlich bekannten Geschäftsführer der Firma zur NS-Zeit, in Erfurt eine Bierbrauerei gegründet. They had two children. In 1949 the Soviet Occupied Zone became the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). Des témoignages oculaires de membres du 'Sonderkommando', qui étaient forcés de travailler dans les crématoires, attestent du déroulement des massacres et de la destruction des cadavres. In October 1941, the SS placed an order for five three-muffle ovens for the new Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp (Auschwitz II), where it was initially estimated that over 1000 people per day would die. [1], It is now infamous as the largest of 12 companies that designed and built crematoria ovens for concentration and extermination camps during the Holocaust, planned and carried out by the Nazi regime from 1935 to 1945. They also filmed the camp, including the crematoria, with the camera pointedly focusing on the J.A. In an interview given in 2005, his daughter Hildegard who was 16 in 1943, said she would never forget him saying on his return, "If what I have seen comes out, we will all be wading up to our knees in blood". J. Busca y compara hoteles cercanos a J. Am 05.04.09 wurde die ehemalige Villa der Familie Topf in der Rubenstraße in Erfurt scheinbesetzt. [4], The company began manufacturing incinerators for burning municipal waste and, from 1914, crematoria for local authorities, due to the increasing acceptability of cremation as a means of body disposal. [5], After German reunification in 1990, over 2.5 million claims were made for restitution of property that had been confiscated during the Nazi period, or by the East German government. … Ansehen Der ehemalige Firmensitz von J.A. Dennoch markiert das gerade erschienene Buch „Industrie und Holocaust. Wir als Seitenbetreiber haben uns dem Ziel angenommen, Alternativen unterschiedlichster Art ausführlichst zu vergleichen, sodass Kunden unmittelbar den Induktions topf auf normalen herd sich aneignen können, den Sie als Leser möchten. Die „Besetzer_innen“ wollen mit der Aktion auf den Abriss der Industriebrache Topf und Söhne sowie der drohenden Räumung des Besetzten Hauses auf einem Teil des ehemaligen Firmengeländes aufmerksam machen. JA Topf e Filhos ( alemão: JA Topf & Söhne) era uma empresa de engenharia, fundada em 1878 em Erfurt, Alemanha por Johannes Andreas Topf (1816-1891). für den Inhalt verantwortlich und Betreiber der Website. The unusually high numbers looked suspicious, so the SS wanted their own on-site facilities, although it was illegal for crematoria to be outside of local authority control. He developed a two-muffle transportable oven in September 1939, which was delivered to Dachau concentration camp in November 1939.

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