I smoke every night as a relaxant to get to sleep (bowl and maybe a half of the premium stuff), but I am on probation for DUI. I’ve heard that there is no drug test on the day of orientation, however I am fairly certain there will be one very soon. Get on Quest diagnostics website and do a little reading…. nobody is impressed), 10. Just make sure you use a quality brand (complete formula is important to not risk failing a lab). LOL I forgot to mention that the bleach method I would only do for a test where they don’t send the sample to a lab. Hey thank you for taking the time for making this page and answering everyone’s question. Heres the how certo REALLY allegedly works. Certo is the brand name of a type of fruit pectin commonly used for this method, hence the name. Im petite weight less than 100 lbs and have a fast metabolism, i don’t exercise other than walking a lot. But for an unsupervised pre-employment drug test it’s perfect, because you may even be in a different room, or at least behind the screen where you will not be seen at all. And still, not all THC is in the faeces, much of it is in your system in the blood and stored up in fat cells, being released slowly over time, and a laxative wouldn’t be able to deal with that very well. While you are drinking, take the multivitamin pill, and vitamin B2 pill. Will I be able to do this and drink a detox drink? If you want to rely on just the certo method, doing it for a few days is likely to help the detox but you still need to do it on the day of the test. In this article , we will be focusing on how to use Certo in order to pass a urinary drug test with the Certo for THC detox method being designed to remove drug toxins from the body on a temporary basis. It got sent to a lab obviously cuz it’s the army. The best way would depend on how heavy a smoker you are/were, how much time you have etc. I’m about 5’7″ at 155 with an athletic build. Thanks for sharing :). Also, will it work if i give it only 1 1/2 hours? If alcohol was first discovered today, it would probably not be legal. I will report in with my findings :). If i smoked a little bit more then a half with my girlfriend in a week in a half. DO NOT SMOKE until a few hours before the lab closes. I would say I took about 10 hits combined and now I have a drug test tomorrow. However lots of places make you wash your hands before. Other than that, if you’re fine with just smoking a little like once a week, right after your test, and then putting some effort in to detox, that would probably be consistent too. before ($10 bottle of 60). Keeping my fingers crossed for you then, let me know how it turned out! Never hurts using some home tests in advance. And do you think I have a good chance of passing? There were times where I went without for a month or so. If you smoke everyday the certo method will be risky (it always is either way) and ideally you’ll want to have abstained from using for a while. I decided to test myself and sure enough I had a dark control line and a faint test line. Whether it’s enough to not be detected in your ua or to cause you problems, I hav no idea. So, please, lets find more proofs. so once we see him we would immediately start drinking water im talking most time anextremely uncomfortable amount. Then… Or just stick to certo. They flush out your urine, and then the overdose of creatine and vitamins will go straight through your liver and kidneys, and hit your urine, making it appear more natural, rather than diluted. I read all about Certo Sure-Gel pectin. If you have a hair drug test, it can take 3 months of abstinence to test clean unless you use the Macujo or Jerry G Methods. Stopped cold turkey for the most part may 15, w the exception of an occasional joint maybe 2-3 times between May 15 and July 8. They knew right away, and almost evacuated the building!!!! Hair, Mouth Swab and Nail Cuticle drug tests now being used in certain cases. At least a gram a day, or more. You’re supposed to pee a few times so nah I don’t think that will make it last a shorter time. Now I just learned that I may be laid off in week or two and have to look for a new job. 4:35- Left the house, peed 6 times within 3:00pm by now it was clear. But in general, if you’ve smoked only 2 times the last 26 days, the last time being just a small amount, granted you weren’t a heavy chronic smoker before these 26 days, it shouldn’t take much to pass a urine test. But it’s useless unless it’s a urine drug test. I peed about 4 times before my test at noon so I’m praying it turned out well!!! Cant I take a detox cleaner and the sure jell and Gatorade? At 4:55, I could tell that the test line was starting to fade…..my urine maintained the yellow tint. Is it going to be to dark and if so what else could I take? In our THC detox review, we found that a lot of water must be drunk, which inevitably further dilutes your urine and increases the likelihood that you pass a drug test. I’m assuming that means it could hurt other job applications in the future as well, would one fail it. There are good ways to detox cmbining effort and good detox products, but it does get expensive. To celebrate the new year and some very good news I received I smoked a little on Jan 1st, approximately a bowls worth. I was trying to help people so they dont get themselves into trouble and clearly you do not care. I also had 2 cups of coffee during this time. I will say this though, that it’s always advisable to get a pack of home testing strips to monitor your toxin status, they go for less than 1$ per test. I still came up positive for THC. Some people insist that the only way to pass a drug test for weed is to allow enough time for the drug metabolites in your system to be eliminated. Certo Sure Jell Drug Test Ingredients. It kinda gave me the runs, but I had to man up. Synthetic urine is another way. this worked me a miracle after smoking some wild ass space-weed 4 days prior. If you wish to remain ignorant of the facts about cannabis, that’s up to you, but the hard cold science coming forth, now that the restrictions on cannabis testing are being lifted, paint a more truthful picture of cannabis being much safer, healthier and beneficial alternative to the majority of OTC and prescription drugs, as well as your mundane vices such as coffee and fast food. I will return with my findings. Then fill the bottle again and shake to get the residue. Goes into details including : “Milk thistle extract is a safe focal point of any cleansing program. (Which doesn’t usually drug test. But yeah trying again tomorrow since those test were for low paying jobs, need something that pays the bills. Usually 2 times a week, sometimes 3, but rarely ever going through a bowl’s worth during a 1 week period. This too depends on your job but it worked for me and I plan on using it again tomorrow just in case I have to take a random. Important: Gatorade was WARM, It Take a couple of charco-caps. Again I just want to point out though, that because it works one time doesn’t mean it will work the next. I will for sure be using the methods you suggested, but I am wondering, in your opinion, how you think my chances might be. Hey Aaron, I avoid giving advice specifically about probational tests due to legal reasons so can’t be of much help here. unfortunately in this case, I can’t use synthetic since I my pee CANT be 100% clean. I think it works as well with just the one even if you weigh more than average, the main factor affecting results being how much THC you currently got in your system. The chef used about 13g for two trays. I did all that above with the certo and drank plenty of water, I work out alot everday. If you fail and your are facing prison then Google directions to canada It’s what called a “home remedy” drug test method. Might not matter, just saying. You: “Why, I wanna I have stopped smoking on the 5th (That’s when they first called me for an interview) so I will have 10 -11 days without smoking, on top of that I have been doing my goldenseal root detox thingy like I described in an earlier post. I was told that Golden seal will be detected but was also told that Golden Seal Root wont. I am female, 5’6 and 130 lb. 4 hours later, I passed the THC strip test. I’m a 220 lb couch potato and have been smoke free for 7 days today. If negative on the home test kit, a good brand of synthetic urine would be my next preferred option. An appointment was sprung on me randomly and had the risk of a possible tox screen. I did no such thing. This is to make sure I can answer them in a timely manner. so it’s more than likely I’ll fail my test :( ? Thanks for sharing. I took one day pill kept urinating came out clear but with somewhat yellow. Thanks for all you’ve done and I am eager to hear your thoughts. Learn what it is, the way it works, and how it can best be used to pass a urine or blood test. I’m a chronic smoker and considerably a heavy smoker with 24%BF. Use fruit pectin and anything else with the same theory of releasing thc I’m the stool over the next 2 weeks to just speed up the process. There's no scientific proof that fruit pectin can flush weed, opiates or other drug toxins. I’ve been smoking about one or two bowls a day for probably three months. This worked for me, smoked 1-2 joints per day for years. Certo is mainly a dilution method, so by making a bigger part of your urine just water, the concentration of toxins will get lower. I also plan using the certo method twice the night before and 3hrs before my drug test. That’s why it’s also sometimes known as the Sure Jell detox method. Moderate smoker (1 or 2 rips from a bubbler or pipe per day or every other day). Just wanted to let readers know my experience. I’m going to go out and buy Gatorade, Pectin in hopes that helps me pass. Does this work for saliva tests? Hey Sophie, I just wanted to give you my two cents on the whole thing. (Test cose $10 for a box of 15 on amazon). I passed for the meth & pot, but failed for the coke. So I took a packet without the gatorade, just straight jell. Hello Sophie question please I haven’t smoked going on 3 weeks was taking 2 one hitters every 3 hours every day for the pass year I was wondering what you thought my chances are? Comes at the cost of test being invalid tohugh if they detect overdilution which isn’t that uncommon nowadays, but since they didn’t in your case tat’s great. But new lab technologies are now detecting drugs in samples that were altered and untestable before. Two x 32oz sports drinks (909 ml x 2). How to Do. Who decides what’s a drug and what isn’t? Of course nothing is certain, but I am curious for even an approximation. You don’t say whether you’re generally a frequent smoker or just an ocassional one. The I!portant thing is to stop smoking as soon as you find out you have to take a UA. But does it need to be doubled if the person weighs more? Preparations is the key, and I would always recommend you have synthetic urine and detox drinks in your home so that if you are going to be called up for a drug test at short notice, you will have something more certain than Certo. However some drugs like marijuana will stay in your system for up to a month. I could not figure out how to post my own comment. What’s chances for instant vs lab test? This is a PO test by the way. So, without further ado, here are five ways to pass a drug test today: 1. Well, I would be dumb to claim that the Certo drug test does not work given the numerous positive testimonials around. If it’s a good detox drink you cna likely combine it. My metabolism is moderate to high in general and id say i dont have too much fat accumulation. Proceeded to sip on more Gatorade between 8am-830am. Smoking now :). Not only did I have to take off my jacket and empty out all of my pockets (leaving all contents in the room) but I had to wash my hands with soap and water before being led to the bathroom. Certo is the brand name of a type of fruit pectin commonly used for this method, hence the name. BLEACH definetly works for the same reason labs will test for it…. Hey sophie, i have to pass a drug test for probation tomorrow. Between 6:30am-2:30pm I had to work so I drank about 4-5 bottles of water. The most accurate way imo would be to take the test early in the day, the second time you need to pee, and hold off with drinking too much before that, only drinkig a glass or two as would be regular. Anywhere from 70-80%. That still leaves up to 40% to work their way out through your bladder. Ok, Literally took the test at 4:59pm (whew, that was close!!) I’ve used this method almost a decade ago when I had to take a urine test to get a job for the USPS; and it worked. Does this mean its gonna get sent to a laboratory? My best advice would probably be to go with synthetic urine, which imo is the best short notice method by far for pre-employment tests, which are generally unsupervised. Hi Samantha, simply quitting cold turkey won’t be enough to get clean most likely. That said, the electrolytes in a gatorade may be helpful as well, probably not gamebreaking though. I’ve spent hrs researching blogs upon blogs and so many comments until finding this one. Not using the certo would mean only drinking lots of water as a detox, which isn’t that effective on it’s own I’d say, due to THC being fat-soluble rather than water-soluble. Creatine Monohydrate. Great news. I had lemon Gatorade. So pleased to say that I got the call today and I PASSED!! Ingredients used in Certo Sure-Jell. It certainly could help, although whether it will be enough dilution to pass in your case it’s hard to say (could always experiment with some home test kits in advance). All the methods and products on this site have a lot of documented and happy customers, both among me and my friends and all over the internet – or I wouldn’t recommend them. The way it enters your urine is through your blood, so for this method to be effective it needs to help lower THC in your blood. Ha. In the end, your personal subjective viewpoints are eviscerated by global objective science. I dont want it to push out the certro.. As I know most detox juices… Aren’t very pleasnt… So if you could give me some insight that would be great :). Either way I’m glad you passed your test. But dilution can often be detected on urine tests today, so not always ideal. Good luck to you all! It is a urine or blood test used to pass the blood and urine drug test. Been clean for about nine days now. I’m sure my initial test was dirty (about 30 days ago) Would Certo be a good idea since I haven’t smoked in so long? I’ll go through the detailed Certo drug test Method instructions in a moment, but the basic principle is that you drink it alongside other ingredients to flush out drug toxins. I’ve passed 3 mouth swabs but failed 1 because it was sent to a lab. I can’t say synthetic urine would’ve been any better since this clinic makes sure you’re not concealing anything, but this was a lesson learned. Never did have to take a test but my experiment showed that this trick can work. Ye let’s hope that’s the case regarding the background report. I’ll give in specific details on what i did and if it worked for me. Thanks for sharing your experience, and yeah doesn’t surprise me, has happened to a lot of people. My main goal is to speed up the process so much that any test before all thc is gone is easily passed with the certo method..I am sure right now I wouldn’t pass. Its now Monday, I have a very high metabolism, I weigh about 140. Thanks for sharing Jahman, interesting read. bangers with a license to do so. I pee 4x before I took test. I took 3 drug test from a local walmart, first one failed..kept urinating took another and passed but my urine came out clear as water. Just a minute later pissed in cup. To me this sounds really risky, although there is always a chance with Certo since if you’re lucky you can pass through heavy over-dilution if that isn’t tested for. I want to thank everyone that contributed to this thread as it helped me out big time! So worried! Then by the time I have to take a drug test I will be a month clean. Key is to dilute plus certo. Also if the test is supervised, what would you recommend? This is what happened The day before the test.. Here’s a description of it http://www.justifacts.com/ecup-rapid-drug-testing/. By the time I took the UA at 3:45p I had to piss like a racehorse. Ok, I appreciate the instructions, they are right on, me and my friend first started doing this in 2004 when we were 18 and on tasc (i was actually on juvenile tasc since i wasnt 18 yet but he was). The test says it is %98 accurate, though I am curious since it is a dollar store test, how truly accurate they are. in an hour or so he call me and I passed everytime he did. thats really messed up. So I’m really late on this… Was about to use this method again for probation today, But it got rescheduled due to weather and school closings.. Sunday I did the same, but I took 3 B complex vitamins to see how long it would take for it to color my urine after it was clear like water. What ends up in your urine is mostly what was reabsorbed from your intestines into your bloodstream before it could leave that way, much of it residing inside fat cells from ingested food. Certo is a high soluble fiber. The more likely reason why the Certo drug testing method works is the interaction of pectin, which consists only of fiber, with THC in the body. Certo is a brand of fruit pectin. Does Certo Work For All Drugs (And Tests….)? Drug Test and Certo. Haven’t tried aspirin myself, I know some people like taking it before but I think it’s negligable, won’t hurt but won’t really help either. But when using Certo to pass drug tests, you will also be drinking a lot of water, which will inevitably dilute your urine a bit and improve your chances. July 28, 2008 -- Vinegar. The carbohydrates can boost the insulin inside your body and causes you to store energy calories rather than using them in your day-to-day activities. Yes they work similarly, using fiber to expel toxins through your stools which is the natural path that THC takes, and since you do this over many days it’s very effective. Being the optimistic pothead I am and reading about heavier set people passing, I decided to try this “certo cleanse”. Stop smoking at least 1 week prior to ensure clean urine. Lemon is mainly because it is a similar color of the certo, making it less suspicious in public as it looks like it’s just the gatorade. Outside of the workplace, drug testing is regularly employed in healthcare, sports, and forensics. You can order both from Testnegative. That it worked for you won’t mean it’s fool-proof and it’s important people keep this in mind. If you can’t afford the $80+ for Quick Luck or Sub Solution, then Quick Fix 6.2 is the best budget option. I am going to try the certo method today and see how it works but I need more of a reliable method to pass is there any other things I can do to pass? Of course, I’ll be not smoking any until all is said and done, but I wanted to see if anyone else heard of the method I described…. I probably smoked 10-12 times at least in the previous 2 months. Thank you again :). I have used qcarbo32 (a bottle with 5 pills) a few times and each time I didn’t have to test at all (oh man were those some horrible moments struggling to find a bathroom while enroute to probation!). Then urinate as frequently as possible. up and your PO will respect the fact that you told the truth, also, sentencing I get tested at my psychiatrist appts to ensure my dr that I am indeed taking my Xanax (not like selling them or whatever). What is my best bet besides quitting cold turkey? Hello, Ok I have a drug test tomrw and I been clean for 11 days so far . I am on probation and used this method after smoking one morning when I got called in for a random test. Many argue that white sugar is a drug as well (it’s certainly addictive to many). I take it you’re a non-drinker, else you opinions could be seen by some as hypocritical. Gonna lose my job and house probably. Like if i have a test next week, could i pass it without taking the sure jell the same day of the test since i had already taken it days before? Update: Fortunately I did not have to take a test today So I am unable to post my 2015 Results I think I’m going to play it safe now Until I can find a more surefire method Back when I used this method in 2002 And it worked For me Weather by dilution or the certo itself I was pretty sold on the idea that it was absolute But now that I’m Doing research about it Over a decade later And reading that some people have not had The desired results Who knows really how I passed I don’t think I want to leave things to chance Quite an interesting topic though since it currently affects me and thousands of other folks It’s good to be informed Even if the information currently is quite Murky I will stay tuned for more Findings and opinions about this Cuz at the end of the day It’s about the right to privacy And the freedom to be free in a literal sense as well.